About me - Regina

I am a wife to a farmer and a mother of 2 beautiful children, I started my Journey with doterra back in 2014 when I was experiencing one of my worst times I can remember, I was extremely stressed and depressed to due a range of things that happened in my life that year, I had a 6 year old child who was not able to have a bowel movement properly, he was constantly put on laxatives just so he could go to the toilet. I had seen multiple Doctors, Paediatricians, psychologists, behavioural Psychologists and no one could give me answers as to what the cause of this problem was, as a mum I was so frustrated, I was mentally and emotionally drained. I had a child starting school that was having accidents like a toddler, I was at breaking point.

 I was then introduced to Doterra and my world felt like it changed and there was a weight lifted off my shoulders, I suddenly went from anxious, stressed and depressed to feeling excited, positive and hopeful.

I started being open to Natural alternatives, we were seeing improvements in the emotional well-being of our family, we were shocked with what these little bottles of goodness were doing for us.

In 2015 my Son was Diagnosed with Encopresis, ADHD, Severely Dyslexic, Sensory Processing Disorder, Language Disorder, Weak Working Memory and the list seems to go on…..

Its safe to say that 2014-2015 was a very tough year for my husband and I but we took it in our stride and learnt what we could,  fast forward 4 years and my son is doing great, we have all of his needs met and are managing everything with the support of Doterra.

 I am happy and excited for the future, I am currently a Platinum Leader in Doterra and definitely looking to go bigger! I chose the business opportunity with Doterra because of our amazing experiences that we had and continue to have. You could definitely say Doterra has changed our lives in many ways and that’s why I believe it is part of my mission and purpose to share these amazing products with as many people as possible…..

I have a big vision for my Doterra business, I am extremely passionate about raising awareness for Dyslexia and for children who have learning difficulties and to help them get the support they need, I love Doterra’s ethics and culture about giving back and this is why one of my passions is supporting O.U.R ( Operation Underground Railroad) to help put an end to child sex trafficking, I also want help others believe that they can achieve and create the life that they want by believing in themselves and taking action to make it become a reality.

When I started my business I had no idea what I was doing or how I was going to do it, I was scared of failing, scared of the judgement of people not believing in essential oils, scared of speaking in public and I thought many times how am I going to do this? Is this even possible?

The answer is clear…. YES it is possible and no quitting isn’t an option for me, there are too many reasons to keep going, I have lots more people to empower…..

I’ve created a team of lovely women who are choosing Doterra in their lives too. My team make me grateful everyday for the chance to support them and to create their own visions for their business. As the founder of Empowered By Nature, I mentor women (and sometimes men) to design a life they truly love.

Empowered By Nature