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Hello & Welcome!

I’m Regina – Founder of Empowered By Nature & Essential Oil Educator and Mentor. 


With the world’s best essential oils along with my vision, mission and purpose, I support a team of people who are looking to build their own business alongside their vision while living a low tox and healthy lifestyle.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are nature’s wonder workers. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in plants. Extracted during a careful distillation process, essential oils work their magic in many ways, from their beautiful scents, to natural health care and beauty remedies, food preparation and toxic-free living.



Partnering with the purest grade oil company in the world was an easy choice. Harvesting and distilling essential oils should be done with the utmost care and gentleness, and that’s exactly how doTERRA work.

When choosing to introduce these oils into my life, I knew I wanted the best for myself and my family. doTERRA oils are all strictly tested using the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.

Creating essential oils really is an art, and the genuine loving care and approach taken by doTERRA cements my trust in this thoughtful company.


By Choosing to use doTERRA oils and/or creating a business and life you love not only provides great benefits for yourself and your family, it opens an opportunity to help those who really need our support.

doTERRA have founded The Healing Hands Foundation which is an amazing initiative that brings hope and healing to the world by supporting and empowering less fortunate communities.

Knowing and seeing the positive impact that you are making by purchasing these essential oils is truly amazing, helping to make life better for others is a great feeling.

You will absolutely love receiving your first order of oils straight to your door.

Don’t worry, you don’t just order oils and have to figure out what to do with them! I am here to provide you with the resources and ongoing support so you know exactly how to use your oils for yours and your families health,you’re your home.

When you place your first oil order you’ll receive:

A Welcome folder from doterra with information about your oils, doTERRA’s approach and how to access your wholesale account in the future.


You will also receive from me:

- A Welcome pack filled with some samples, Information on practical uses and DIY recipes for your oils.

- Access to a weekly email series for 10 weeks with ways to use your oils.

- Access to a private VIP facebook group with a community of oil lovers that share ways they use their doTERRA oils.

- Endless Support from me! We can get on the phone and discuss your essential oil needs or you can flick me an email any time, we can arrange to meet for coffee, I am here to help and support you

Why I choose doTerra?

Oils that make a Global Impact

Are you ready to experience the Power of these Oils for Yourself?